Cab From Luqa

Luqa, a south-eastern town is home to Malta’s International Airport – the only one on the island. Despite the island’s small size, the country boasts a high class airport, which has claimed the title ‘Best Airport in Europe’ in its size category for three consecutive years between 2018 and 2020.

Rides with the best rates per km

While the town is not normally associated with a stay in Malta, being a residential urban area, it’s your first and last point of contact with Malta. Cool offers you the best rate and prices to get by from Malta’s International Airport to Valletta to start and end your vacation or business trip on a perfect note. Starting from as little as €4.45, Cool’s rates are much cheaper than standard taxi services.

Cheapest way to travel from airport

Our trained staff will welcome you with a smile at the terminal and take you to your chosen hotel or accomodation in no time, as our state-of-the-art technology enables our pool of drivers to use the best route that accommodates all booked customers in the best possible way. 

Cheap fares to save money

Not only our transport services beats all taxi fares on the island, but our prices will make it convenient for you to travel to Valletta while using Cool throughout your stay.

Download an app and book your ride everytime you would like

You can book your ride through the comfort of your smartphone. Just download our easy to use app. With our wide service options, you will waste no time looking for cheap taxi alternative, as Cool offers the cheapest rate per km in Malta for any private transport service. You can also choose between shared and private rides to further reduce your transport fares when exploring the island from Valletta.

Cheaper than other taxi

Whether you’re staying in one of Malta’s history-filled cities such as Valletta, Imdina or Birgu, or if you’re heading to coastal towns for some sea and sun, Cool provides you with cheapest transport service, at a rate per km that no alternative taxi or cab provider offers.

Always ready to take you from point A to point B

A driver will always be available – so you can enjoy an extra glass of wine on your evening out, without the need to book a taxi hours in advance. You’re always two clicks away from your transport back to your accomodation.

Faster and cheaper rides on Mlata

Enjoy your last hours on the island without wasting time searching online for cheap taxi fares – we offer the best rate per km on the island to get you to you airport in Luqa in the shortest time possibe. While it is always advisable to get to the aiport with sometime to spare, our latest technology will help us identify the driver closest to your location to take you the airport in Luqa in the shortest time possible.

Ride sharing services

Discover more about the opportunities Cool can offer you, especially with its innovative ride-sharing and ride-pooling concepts, alternative options to transport which will help you save money during your stay in Malta.