From Rabat to Senglea

Fortified cities, pristine sandy beaches and stunning cliff-edge views: Malta truly has it all. And the best thing about it is that no place is far, with each unique destination accessible in no more than 30 minutes from your hotel in Rabat.

Great rates per km will save your money

Cool lets you get more out of your vacation in Senglea by saving you time searching online for cheap taxi fares. If you’re traveling as a family or a group from Rabat to Senglea, our modern fleet of 7 seater, 6 seater or 5 seater vehicles will provide you with comfortable transfer options to get to your city destination.

Cheap and fast way to go from Rabat to Senglea

And if you plan to make the most of your stay on the island, Cool provides you with the cheapest alternative for your transfers from Rabat. With its innovative Cool passes, you will not break your budget during your stay in Malta. You will find that our rate per km is unbeatable, allowing you to do more in your time here.

Be smarter and use ride-pooling

Cool’s ride sharing concept is a true innovation in Malta and serves as a cheap alternative to taxis, cabs or public transport. It is backed with a top notch intelligent IT system, ensuring that the nearest driver is prompted to pick you up in Rabat, driving you to Senglea using the shortest and most efficient route possible.

Easy car booking for ride

The best thing about Cool is that with the comfort of its easy to use app, you can book your transfers from the comfort of your hotel room or while enjoying a sip of coffee at one of Rabat and Senglea trendy cafes – all this starting from prices as low as €4.45.

Get a taxi app

Visit to learn more about our Rabat to Senglea transfer service. Download our app, relax and enjoy your stay in Malta.