Transport From Sliema

While Malta boasts a rich, millenial history, Sliema offers the visitor the possibility to experience the cosmopolitan side of the island. Iconic British architecture mingles with modern, commercial buildings, with most of the town running along a beautiful promenade, one of the busiest commercial and social hubs on the island. The promenade, runs for some 10 km along the north eastern coastline from Ta’ Xbiex to St. Julian’s.

Take your shopping to the next level

Sliema is also Malta’s shopping mecca, hosting Malta’s major shopping complexes with top international brands lining up the streets alongside quirky traditional Maltese shops. This is a town which rarely sleeps, with commercial activity in the morning making way for romantic walks in the evening as locals and visitors stroll to some of the gastronomic delights the country has to offer. Sliema is also host to some of the best icecream parlours the island has to offer.

Modern history in Sliema

Despite being a modern town which has experienced significant modern development in recent years, Sliema still offers a great dose of history for the lovers of time past. For while modern buildings dominate the coastal walk, a couple of steps to the town’s back streets will take you to another world of colourful traditional balconies and art-deco/art-nouveau facades that used to define the town’s landscape. Some impressive religious buildings delight both history and art buffs, with a 220-year old chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Graces in High Street, featuring two paintings by renowned artist Mattia Preti.

Don't miss mahestic views

Just outside the town’s border, Fort Manoel is an impressive example of the military prowess of the Knights, a star-shaped fortification with majestic views over Valletta.

Ride sharing in Sliema

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